Description of the issue

  • You have added your product to the cart but the pricing is not properly displayed. The pricing is 0 or "free".

  • After refreshing the page, the correct price is displayed.

  • When the customer clicks on the Check Out button, the correct price is displayed.

This is a known issue with Shopify.

Why is this happening?

Since there is a 100 variant limit with Shopify, Kickflip dynamically creates variants for each pricing variation of your product.

Sometimes, there is a delay connecting with the Shopify API and the Cart is displayed before the Shopify API creates the correct variant. Therefore the displayed pricing of 0 or 'free'.

How to fix it

We have created a script that will work for many themes but not all of them. Since there are thousands of different Shopify themes, it's impossible to create a script that will work for all themes.

  1. Open your Kickflip dashboard

  2. Go to "Online stores"

  3. Click on your Shopify online store

  4. Under "Shopify themes settings", click on the "Update Cart" button.

What if the 'Update Cart' script does not work?

If you have tried to click on the Update Cart button and it still does not work, we would recommend to open your customizer in your store and manually add to cart every pricing variation. Once a pricing variant is added to cart, the 'free' problem does not happen again for that variant.

For example :
T-Shirt Base Price : $10

Size XL : +$5

Tie Die Option : +$1

Embroidery Option: +$2

Product combinations you should add to your cart :

  • T-Shirt of any other size than XL ($10)

  • T-Shirt + XL size ($15)

  • T-Shirt + XL size + Tie Die Option ( $16)

  • T-Shirt + XL size + Tie Die Option + Embroidery Option ( $18)

  • T-Shirt + XL size + Embroidery Option ($17)

  • T-Shirt of any other size than XL + Tie Die Option ($11)

  • ...

´╗┐Our dev team is looking for a better solution to this problem but it's a quite challenging technical issue.

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