Adding languages

You can translate your customizer into many languages. To add a language, click on ADD A LANGUAGE and choose your language.

Adding translations

You can translate the theme, as well as your products. The theme is a general translation of the customizer. The product translations are related to each product separately.

  1. Click on the language you have added.

  2. Enter the corresponding translations for each expression or word.

  3. Hit the Save button.

Previewing your translations

To preview your translations in the customizer:

1. Go to your product page and click on the VIEW button

2. Add this at the end of the URL:

?lang=[language code]

3. Replace [language code] by your two-letter language code, for example fr or es.

How does it work in Shopify ?

MyCustomizer will display the correct languages by detecting the store's language. This will work with the most popular translations plugins such as: Languify, Weglot, Panda Language Translate, LangShop and Multi Lingo.

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