Views allow you to display your product from different angles. For example, you could have a front, a side and a perspective view to display a shoe.

Adding views

  1. Log in to your MyCustomizer dashboard, go to product page, click on BUILD;

  2. Click on your Product Name on the top of the left panel;

  3. Product settings will appear in the right panel of the screen;

  4. Under Product views, click on the + icon to add a view.

Reordering Views

You can reorder views by drag and dropping them.

Switching to a view when your customer interacts with a question

Sometimes, an element will be only visible, or will look better, in a certain view. To force the customizer to display that view when your customer interacts with the question:

  1. Open your Group or Question;

  2. In the right panel, under Switch view, select your preferred view.

NOTE: It's not possible to use the switch view setting for questions inside groups. A Group may only have one view for all its questions.

Deleting a view

To delete a view, hover over the view, click on the more icon and click on Delete.

WARNING: Deleting a view will delete all the images associated with this view. This action cannot be undone (unless you discard your changes before publishing).

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